AIR W taximeter

Simple and intuitive ergonomics.

AIR W taximeter

The navigation scroll wheel

Scroll through menus easily by turning the dial and validate your selection with a simple press.

Industrial TFT graphic display

Specifically designed for ATA, the graphic screen provides a high-quality display of the different functions illustration.

The contextual menu bar

Push-buttons’ functions are illustrated with a bar of ergonomical and contextual menus.

Fare progress bar

The progress bar displayed underneath the total indicates the fare incrementation during the trip, enabling you to see at a glance the next fare increase.
The fare progress bar is present in all taximeters from the REVOLUTION range.

Digital rate display label

As with the POWER HD taximeter, the annual rate label is dematerialized.
At the annual rate changes, the display updates automatically, free from any paper label.
In the HIRED and STOPPED positions, the annual rate display light is dimmed to improve readability and avoid any confusion with the trip fare display.

AIR W taximeter

Functional features

  • Compatible with the 1001TAXIS App: Trip proposals sent directly to your taximeter (Depending on the equipment. For more information, please contact us or your installer)
  • Automatic selection of day/ night rate
  • Automatic summer/winter time adjustment
  • Automatic display of the minimum of fare
  • Manual management and selection of extras
  • Automatic power-off in the event of prolonged inactivity

Technical features

  • Stylish design (width x height x depth) : 278 x 82 x 23 mm
  • Light device : Around 280 g
  • High temperature tolerance : From -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Storage temperature : From -40 °C to + 85 °C
  • Humidity conditions : Maximum 93% of relative humidity
  • Allowable k coefficient range : Between 500 and 120,000 pulses/km
  • Maximum distance measurement error : 4 metres or 0.2 % beyond
  • Maximum time measurement error : 0.2 seconds or 0.1 % beyond
  • Maximum fare calculation error : 0.1 %